First swine flu death in Spain

Woman dies from swine flu in Madrid

It has been announced that a 20 year old woman who was admitted to hospital a fortnight ago suffering from swine flu in Spain died in the early hours of this morning.

The woman was asthmatic and according to first reports her condition worsened over the weekend due to complications from pneumonia. According to official health sources she is the first person to die from Swine Flu in Spain.

Trinidad Jiménez, the Minister for Health, will give more information on her death during a press conference scheduled for 9.30am this morning. Juan José Güemes, the Director of Health Services for the Comunidad de Madrid, will also appear before the press.

The young woman who was admitted to hospital on 15th June was 28 weeks pregnant and was given a caesarean on Monday.

Doctors decided to carry out the operation in order to save the life of the baby she was carrying due to the worsening state of the woman. According to information provided by the hospital the baby is doing well.

This case which represents the first death from Swine Flu in Spain is the fourth death from the disease in Europe. A second swine flu sufferer, 32 year old man, is reported to be in a very serious condition in the hospital Joan XXIII hospital in Tarragona, Spain.