First opera written by a woman opens in Madrid

Today the ‘Teatro Real’ in Madrid will open ‘La página en blanco’ an opera written and performed by the soprano singer Pilar Jurado. Speaking at a press conference yesterday the director of the opera, Miguel Muñiz, said that this was a significant moment not only because it opened up new possibilities for the arts in Spain but also for the artistic scene globally.

The opera by Pilar Jurado, born in Madrid in 1968, is both traditional and groundbreaking. Antonio del Moral, the previous artistic director of the ‘Teatro Real’ accompanied by Titus Engel as director of music, David Hermann as stage manager and the sculptor Alexander Polzin in charge of scenery are the people who helped bring the opera to life.

According to Jurado ‘La página en blanco’ is ‘an opera within an opera’. She decribes it as ‘a complex story in which many emotions get mixed up’. Through the life of a composer, a role taken by the German baritone singer Otto Katzameier, the opera takes a look at new technology and its place in current society.

Jurado also says that ‘La página en blanco is the future which is yet to happen and which does not depend on ourselves’. Despite this Jurado is clear about the message that she wants to transmit through her work which is ‘despite technological advances the human being is still the most important thing’.

‘La página en blanco’ will run until the 2nd March.