Ferrán Adrià: the internet and social networks are the future of cuisine.

Yesterday ‘Lo Mejor de la Gastronomía 2010’ which took place in Alicante closed with a speech by Ferrán Adrià, masterchef for the world famous Bulli restaurant in Barcelona. He left no doubt over the degree of influence he believed the internet would have over the future of cuisine and gastronomy. These are some of his words.

•Internet and its related technologies will have an explosive impact on the world of cuisine. The possibility of being able to teach in real time and become part of a culture using internet social networks as well as spreading knowledge will cause a revolution on how we understand cuisine.

•In the new culinary scene creativity is the new law to the point at which rules no longer apply. But creativity needs to be based on new technology and research. Research is now the priority and sharing knowledge via social networks and web 2.0 is more than fundamental, it will create a true revolution.

•In the new cuisine there won’t be any menus but food will be prepared on a daily basis using the best products available at the time.

•If we want to evolve we must break established rules. In my new project people will be able to understand and see how high cuisine is produced, more than that they will be able to go ‘backstage’.

•We have a great time creating but pressure is also necessary and the internet and the open code will create this pressure. ‘Internet will revolutionize high cuisine’ given that like conferences ‘it will allow the greatest chefs to share their knowledge, now internet is opening up the whole world’.

Ferrán Adrià left it very clear that we are entering a new phase of cuisine based on web 2.0, the internet and social networks which will be essentials tools for the future of cuisine. Ferrán Adrià’s new projects also appear to be based on the use of the internet and social networks.