Feedback about Zapatero’s visit to New York

Our blog comments facility does not appear to have been working properly so we are copying below a message received in relation to this post about President Rodriguez Zapatero’s visit to the United Nations.

The message is from Mark Alexander and we received it yesterday:

«President Zapatero is so obviously an appeaser! He is weak and ineffectual.He has withdrawn his country’s troops from Iraq, and now proposes a’cultural alliance’ with Islam. For ‘cultural alliance’ read ‘appeasing theMuslim world’! Does Mr. Zapatero, a man whose country was once overrun byMuslims, not understand that the phenomenon we see today with Islamicterrorism is a manifestation of Islam on the move? The warning signs are onthe wall. We shall ignore them at our peril! There is no compromise with theIslamic world to be: we either value our democracy and freedom in the West,and we ‘fight’ (whatever that will entail) for them; or we don’t.

In thelatter case, they win and we loose our freedoms. The Muslim world concedesnothing. It doesn’t give an inch. With Zapatero’s ‘cultural alliance’ allthe West will do is give away and concede and appease. It is a recipe fordisaster!»

Thanks Mark! Obviously we do not share your views and we believe that it is at least desirable to try to gain friends in the Arab world. And to help eradicate the reasons which drive so many young Arabs to commit terrible acts of terrorism against the West in the name of Islam which, essentially, is a pacific religion used by a minority of Islamic extremists to justify terrible crimes against humanity.

Spain was conquered (rather than overrun) by the Moors in the same way as it had been by Italians during the Roman Empire, centuries before the Arabs arrived, and in the same way as America and other colonies in Africa and Asia were invaded and conquered in the 1500s onwards by Spain itself, England, Portugal, France etc etc.

We believe that rather than being a sign of «Islams on the move», the current violence is a result of a much more complicated socio-political and economic situation. We also believe that violence cannot be resolved by further violence. As Nelson Mandela said when he was released from captivity after 40 years, we will only win a real victory over our enemies when we talk to them, start to understand why they act as they do and convince them that they are wrong.

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