Explosion outside socialist headquarters in Derio, Vizcaya

According to information provided by the Interior Department of the Basque Government a small explosive device exploded outside the PSE-EE (socialist) headquarters in Derio, Vizcaya. The explosion happened at 1am following a phone call to the emergency services (SOS-Deiak) at 12.am saying that a bomb would go off outside the socialist headquarters.

As soon as the warning was received the Ertzaintza police went to the socialist headquarters in Derio and discovered one bag and one rucksack outside the building.
The buildings on either side of the headquarters were evacuated and the area was cordoned off.

The explosion damaged the building’s main door and the force of the blast also broke windows on the first four floors.

The type of explosives used have not yet been identified but it is believed that the bombs consisted of two or three kilos of explosives. According to official sources the bombs were placed outside the socialist headquarters by two people wearing hoods to hide their faces.

An hour after the explosion occupants from the neighbouring buildings were allowed back in to their homes.