Expats unhappy with their life in Spain

ITV is offering homesick British ex-pats the chance to come home!

Every year more and more Brits are giving up their life in the sun to move back to the UK – last year more than 80,000 expats came home.

The decision to go home however is a tough one and can be a huge ongoing dilemma for the whole family.

To investigate this phenomenon, ITV1 is making a second series of the day-time documentary ‘No Place Like home?’

Families who take part will get the chance to be flown back to Britain to test-drive the reality of life there. It’s an opportunity to fact-find, and equip themselves to make an informed choice – to remain an expat or realise it’s time to come back home.

If anyone is interested in taking part or knows someone who may be suitable, please email: Jenny.popplewell@fevermedia.co.uk