European residents in Spain

Euroresidentes has been contacted by a company commissioned by the European Commission to carry out a study on e-government services available to “mobile citizens” in Europe. “Mobile” citizens are defined as “European citizens who live and/or work in a European country other than their country of birth“.

As of January 1st, 2005, the IDABC program of the European Commission will enable and support the Interoperable Delivery of Pan-European e-Government Services to Public Administrations, Businesses and Citizens. The study PEGS has been commissioned to determine stakeholder requirements for e-government services at pan-European level. Pan-European e-government services (PEGS) are defined as cross-border electronic public services, informational or interactive, supplied by either national public administrations or European public administrations and provided to European businesses or citizens by means of interoperable trans-European telematic networks.

In order to prepare a list of necessary and beneficial PEGS that could be implemented under the program, the Decision 2004/387/EC of the European Parliament and of the Council (21st of April 2004) states that comprehensive consultations should be undertaken, which should involve all concerned stakeholders in all relevant sectors, and should focus on the needs of and benefits for citizens and businesses.

Our role in this project will to provide an online survey which any users from other EU countries living in Spain will be invited to fill in. We will be publishing the survey in September.

We have also been asked to provide the PEGS coordinators with the names of people prepared to be interviewed in more detail about their experiences, as a foreign resident in Spain, with public administration (Spanish – as in residence, NIE, work permits etc.

and your national administration, as in passport renewal, registering births with your Embassy, consulate services …..). The interviews will be carried out by phone at the end of this month or beginning of September. Anyone interested in participating in this particular phase of the project please send us an email to