European Commission survey on mobile citizens needs

The European Commission has launched a study to identify the needs for cross-border public services. This questionnaire aims at gathering information from ‘mobile’ citizens -Europeans living and working in another European country than their native country- and organisations involved in cross-border activities.

As a ‘mobile’ citizen, you, better than anyone, know what it’s like to deal with cross-border administrative obligations: think about the time when you arrived in a new country, how to find out where to get a residence/working permit, how to deal with recognition of diploma’s/qualifications, how to get child allowance, etc … and still you might be dealing with filling out income tax statements twice, difficulties to obtain certain documents from your birth country when for example getting married, enrolling for an education..

Or you, working in an organisation which performs cross-border activities, can provide input on cross-border administrative obligations for organisations: think about the time when you tried to establish abroad, when you were trying to reclaim your VAT, how to find out where to get information on the social security system for your employees abroad, how to deal with the registration of trademarks, patents, etc …

To help making live easier for you, you are kindly invited to fill in this web-based survey which is open until Thursday October 6th 2004.

Thank you in advance for your collaboration!

More information on the study can be found at this address: