ETA suspects with explosives arrested in France

Three Members of ETA with more than 150 kilos of Explosives Arrested in the South of France

French police, using information given by the Spanish Civil Guard, have arrested three suspected members of ETA who were travelling in a van with more than 150 kilos of explosives. They were arrested near Saint Jean Pied de Port, in the French part of the Basque Country according to information from the Civil Guard.

One of those arrested is José Antonio Aranibar Almandoz who according to anti- terrorist police occupies an important position in ETA’s military structure and has played a part in planning some of its most significant attacks. The second person who was detained is Ekaitz Aguirre Goñi who fled at the end of March this year when the Civil Guard disbanded the ETA cell ‘Comando Donosti’.

Two of the three arrested are youths but the other is believed to be a veteran ETA member according to French police. The three were travelling towards the Spanish border near Navarra when they were intercepted.

The vehicle which they had been travelling in was a Citroen Berlingo with false French number plates. It was found to be loaded with 150 kilos of explosive material consisting of 140 kilos of potassium chlorate, 16 kilos of sulphur, two detonators, a roll of detonating cord, G-3 assault rifles, two gas cylinders and three pistols.