ETA kills Basque businessman

Basque terrorist group ETA have shot dead today Ignacio Uria Larramendi, a prominent Basque businessman in Azpeitia, Guipuzcoa. Gunmen shot Uria as he got out of his brother’s car on their way to the restaurant Kiruri where he usually went each day. Uriz, 70, was married with 5 children and had been threatened by ETA before for refusing to pay the so-called “revolutionary tax”, money which the terrorists demand from Basque businessmen to avoid becoming targets themselves.

The owner of the restaurant Kiruri said that as Uria was getting ready to get out of the car, one of the two terrorists approached the car and shot him twice, once the head and the other in his chest. He then ran to the car where his partner was waiting and as soon as he got inside, the car – an Alfa Romeo – sped away towards Alto de Itziar where they then set fire to the car and escaped in another vehicle.

The terrorists robbed the car just before committing the murder, and left its driver tied up in Alto de Itziar, just 25 km from the scene of the crime.

The owner of the car said that the two men identified themselves as members of ETA.

Ignacio Uria Larramendi is ETA’s fourth victim this year.