ETA hideout discovered in France

ETA hideout in France found with capacity to make more than 100 car bombs

Yesterday two ETA hideouts were discovered in France, one of which, located in Camplong, contained all the materials necessary to make up to 100 car bombs.
As well as the two hideouts discovered yesterday another ETA hideout was also discovered in Ferrières, just a few kilometres from the Spanish-French border containing 100 kilos of amyl nitrate (a key ingredient necessary for making explosives).

In addition, 20 boxes containing electronic devices which had already been set up for use in car bombs (like the last 3 used by ETA which killed a policeman and two civil guards) and the bombs used in the chain of explosions on the island of Mallorca on 9th August were also found.

The hideout in Camplong, 80 kilometres from Montpellier, contained 5 large metal drums. When they were taken away for examination the police believed that they contained explosive material which had already been prepared for use.

However this was not the case. In fact they contained 10 kilos of amyl nitrate, 83 detonators, 450 metres of detonating cord, 2,600 cartridges for an 38 calibre revolver, 2 hand guns, a silencer, material used for the chemical manipulation of explosives, a balaclava and a French policeman’s jacket together with mountaineering and communications equipment.

According to anti terrorist sources the most significant finding was the capacity to make more than 100 car bombs, something which agents believe means that ETA was planning to carry out a long campaign of violence involving this type of bomb.
The third hideout was discovered hours later in Hellete, located in the French Basque region. However according to official sources this hideout did not contain any significant materials (documents related to the Basque terrorist organization ETA or explosives).

The 3 suspected ETA terrorists detained in Le Corbier-Villarembert, Aitzol Etxaburu, Alberto Machain and Andoni Sarasola, are now in police custody.
Despite the discovery of these 3 hideouts this week anti terrorist sources believe that this only represents a temporary setback for ETA. However, the whereabouts of larger more significant hideouts remain unknown and it is believed that very few members of ETA know their exact location.

The distribution of the hideouts discovered this week confirm that ETA has established a network located in France over the last 5 years and have opted to use remote mountainous locations in favour of urban ones.