ETA denies responsability for the terrorist attacks in Madrid

About an hour ago, the Spanish terrorist group ETA denied any involvment with yesterdays terrorist attacks in Madrid. An anonymous person telephoned the Basque newspaper Gara, said he represented ETA and denied “any responsability” for the bombs planted in Madrid. According to the latest reports, the caller said that ETA played no part in the massacre perpetrated yesterday in Madrid. ETA usually uses the same tactic (telephone calls to Basque newspapers) to claim responsability for terrorist attacks. It is the first time ETA has used this tactic to explicity deny any involvement.

According to The Guardian, “Responsibility for the attacks on the packed Madrid commuter trains – which also wounded 1,430 people – could be crucial to the outcome of Sunday’s general election in Spain, which is going ahead despite a halt to campaigning.

Spanish commentators say that while an Eta attack could help the centre-right ruling party – which was previously campaigning on the strength of its hardline policies towards the group – an al-Qaida linked attack could increase criticism of Mr Aznar’s unpopular decision to join the US-led Iraq war. Spain’s foreign minister, Ana Palacio, said evidence “pointed towards” Eta, but the investigation could not exclude any other possibility.”