ETA claims responsability for small explosions in Madrid

ETA has claimed responsability for the explosion of five small bombs which exploded today in the main roads surrounding Madrid. Nobody was injured.

Just before the bombs were due to explode, the Vizcayan DYA authorities received a warning from ETA with details of the location and timing of the explosives. All five bombs exploded at the edge of the motorways without causing much damage.

Despite the fact that the explosives were small, ETA still achieved its main objective which was obviously to cause chaos in the roads surrounding Madrid on Constitution Day. Traffic police cut off the traffic on all five motorways just prior to the explosions. The roads were reopened about an hour ago at 16.30.

Spain’s constitution, signed on 6th December 27 years ago, contains a clause which explicitly prohibits the creation of an independent Basque state, which is ETA’s main aim.

Last year the Basque terrorists also planted a series of bombs which exploded at strategic points and caused chaos on the roads as thousands of families left the capital city to spend the long weekend in holiday homes on the coast and in the mountains.

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