ETA car bomb in Madrid

Yesterday evening, just a day after the new Basque government was formed, terrorist group Eta exploded a car bomb in the carpark of a sports stadium in Madrid. The fact that the terrorists chose a sports venue to carry out this most recent attack could be seen as an attempt to damage Madrid’s chances of hosting the 2012 olympic games.

The bomb exploded in “la Peineta” stadium carpark at seven o’clock yesterday evening. ETA made two telephone calls informing of the location of the bomb and what time it was set to explode. Police had time to evacuate the area, and nobody was injured.

Spain’s Interior Minister condemned the attack and underlined the government’s commitment to fight the terrorist group ETA with “total determination”. He said the terrorist attack was yet another example of pointless violence which only had one feasible end – the “disappearance of those who only understand the language of weapons”.

ETA bomb in Madrid (May)
Basque terrorist group ETA cell in Madrid

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