ETA car bomb explodes near Bilbao

Two Civil Guards were slightly injured with cuts caused by flying glass in the early hours of this morning as a consequence of the ETA bomb which exploded next to their barracks in the locality of Durango in Vizcaya. The explosion took place at around 3.30 am. The two men suffered slight injuries and were later discharged.

According to the latest reports a Citroen van was parked behind the Spanish Civil Guard barracks next to 4 Nissan armoured patrol vehicles which received the full force of the blast. It is believed that the van contained between 80 and 100 kilos of explosives and was planted by Basque terrorists.

Investigators think that the van used in the bomb explosion was stolen yesterday or the day before from somewhere within the Basque Country. The explosion not only caused damages to the 4 patrol vehicles and the barracks but also to several flats located near the place where the blast took place.

The terrorists fled in a Seat Ibiza with a false Portuguese registration number.

It was later found burnt out in Amorebieta, a locality in Vizcaya just eleven kilometres from Durango. According to police it was set alight at around 4.30 am, an hour after the explosion happened. Investigators are now look at the possibility that ETA may have a cell based in Portugal.

The Town Council in Durango called an emergency meeting this morning in which all councillors except for those belonging to ANV (Nationalist Basque Action), supported a strong condemnation of the bomb attack. Earlier yesterday the Spanish Interior Minister, Alfredo Rubalcaba, told the Spanish media that police had thwarted several ETA attacks in the past few weeks, and that the Government had no doubt that the terrorist group was preparing another attack.