ETA Bombs Socialist Headquarters in Bilbao

Today the Basque terrorist organization carried out its threat against socialist party members by bombing a socialist headquarters in the Peña neighbourhood of Bilbao.

The explosion injured seven Ertzainas (the Basque police), and widespread material damage to the surrounding buildings where the bomb was went off. The bomb also led to the water supply to the area being cut off.

At around 5 am a police patrol discovered a briefcase hanging off the door handle to the Basque Socialist Party headquarters with ‘danger bomb’ written on it. Following this discovery the police took the precautionary steps of evacuating the area. Half an hour later the ‘Association for Road Assistance’ received a call from ETA warning that a bomb would explode at 6 am near to the Basque Socialist Party Headquarters.

According to the Home Office seven Ertzainas were injured in the explosion although non of the injuries are considered to be serious. The bomb blast also caused serious damage to the ‘Casa del Pueblo’ where it was placed and damage to neighbouring buildings as well as damage to several vehicles parked nearby.

In addition, the explosion affected a pipe carrying water which led to water supplies to the area being cut off. Urgent repair work to restore supplies is still being carried out.

This is the fifth bombing that ETA has carried out against the socialists and the third against a socialist party headquarters in Vizcaya since the end of the ceasefire. It is the first bombing since the assassination of the ex councillor for Arrasate, Isaías Carrasco.

In its last communication published in the newspaper Gara on 2nd April ETA threatened socialist party members and warned the president, José Luis Rodríguez Zapatero, that there would be neither ‘stability or peace’ while the right of the Basque people to self-determination is not recognised’.