ETA bomb in Denia, Costa Blanca

A bomb planted in a hotel in Denia by the Basque terrorist group ETA exploded yesterday afternoon. Although police had time to evacuate the building before the explosion, nine British tourist were slightly injured and 5 were taken to hospital although by late evening yesterday all had been discharged. Several people suffered symptoms related to panic attacks and others complained of ear-ache.

170 of the 215 tourists staying at the hotel, most of them British, were taken to other hotels in nearby Benidorm where they are expected to continue their holiday.

The bomb was placed inside a rucksack on a stairway and discovered by a hotel employee. A spokesman for ETA rang the Bilbao emergency services 40 minutes before the bomb was due to explode to inform them of the existence of a bomb in Hotel Port, Denia.

In recent years the Costa Blanca has been the objective of several acts of terrorism carried out by ETA as part of its campaign to damage the Spanish tourist industry.

This particular attack was carried out just two days before the leader of the PNV Basque separatist party is due to appear before Spain’s national parliament in Madrid to explain the “Plan Ibarretxe”.

See photo of damage caused by bomb in Denia.

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