ETA bomb in Bilbao injures bodyguard

Yesterday an ETA car bomb exploded in Bilbao seriously injuring the bodyguard who was driving the vehicle. This is the first time that ETA has used this type of bomb since May 2003 when it killed 2 policemen in Navarra which was the last mortal attack before the last ceasefire was declared.

A Government spokesperson said it believed that the objective of bomb attack yesterday was to kill. The bomb exploded after the bodyguard, Gabriel Ginés, had driven just a few metres down the road. Ginés was admitted to hospital in a serious, condition suffering from second and third degree burns to 4% of his body. The MP for Galdakao, Juan Carlos Domingo, who Ginés was protecting was not in the vehicle at the time of the explosion and was not injured in the attack.

The Secretary of State for Security said that the ETA bomb yesterday was a significant development and showed their true intentions following the end of the last ceasefire on 5th June this year. The Basque Interior Minister, Javier Balza, agreed with him saying that ETA had reappeared with clear intentions of carrying out further attacks of this kind.

It is the third bomb attack carried out by ETA since the end of the ceasefire.

Furthermore, yesterday’s bomb attack occurred after many leading members of Batasuna were arrested last weekend and just days before a national bank holiday in Spain which celebrates the Spanish Constitution.

Yesterday members of the PP (the official opposition party in Spain) and PSOE attended separate demonstrations in Madrid against the attack.