e-Government in Spain

The Spanish Government has launched a 84 million Euro e-government plan for the next three years to bring public administration closer to citizens.

According to Public Administration Minister Jordi Sevilla, the “Public Administration Technological Modernisation Plan 2004-2007” aims to “connect administrations and connect people” while reducing bureaucracy (Spanish bureaucracy is always time-consuming and often quite baffling), simplifying procedures and eliminating unjustified delays. One of the plan’s goals is to do away with 80% of the certificates currently requested from citizens by the public bodies and to set up an electronic system for the safe exchange of data between administrations.

The new plan includes 43 projects with some major initiatives such as the future electronic ID card – to be phased in from 2005 and to be used for electronic signatures and online transactions between citizens and government – and the launch of a new e-government portal, Ciudadano.es (“Citizen.


If all the projects are carried out, the public administration in Spain will be completely transformed over the next three years. And hundreds of thousands of civil servants will be left with very little to do during their working day. 2.2 million Spaniards are employed by the public sector (including state health and education).

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