Drug network in Ibiza disbanded

The Civil Guard disband an important drug trafficking network in Ibiza

The Spanish Civil Guard have announced that 18 people have been detained following the disbanding of a significant drug trafficking ring on the island of Ibiza. Those arrested are different nationalities – nine are Moroccan, seven are Columbian, one is Slovakian and one is Spanish. They have all been detained on charges of damaging public health, drug dealing and illicit association.

The Civil Guard started their investigations into the widespread drug dealing in Ibiza’s discos and clubs in the middle of June. As part of the operation up to thirty members of the Civil Guard went undercover and passes themselves off as members of the public.

As a result of their investigations and undercover work all the members of the drug trafficking ring in San Antonio and San José and the eleven addresses used by the gang were identified by the Civil Guard.

The head of the drug dealing ring was Columbian.

It was discovered that he used to distribute drugs to each drug dealer who would then work on their own so that two members of the same gang never coincided in the same disco or club.

In one of the flats belonging to members of the ring the Civil Guard found a laboratory for preparing cocaine for sale and in the boot of one of the cars that was seized during the operation 10,700 ecstasy pills were found prepared and ready to be sold.

The Civil Guard also discovered 90,000 euros, 2700 dollars, four cars, a motorbike, 1807 grams of cocaine, 4518 grams of hashish and 9000 grams of substances for mixing with cocaine as well as precision scales and material for packaging drugs.

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