Domestic violence in Spain

One of the biggest problems in Spain over the past few years has been the increase in the number of cases of domestic violence. During his election campaign, Zapatero promised to give a greater voice to women in his Government (8 of the 16 socialist ministers are women which makes it Spain’s first government with an equal number of men and women) and to address the problem of rising violence against women. In today’s first Cabinet Meeting, the first theme discussed will be the first draft of a new Law against Violence of Genes. It is expected to become law within a month.

Jose Luis Rodriguez Zapatero gives a very long interview to the Editor of El Mundo which the newspaper publishes today. Zapatero answers more than 100 questions in the interview. It is in Spanish of course, but non-Spanish speakers can always use a free online translation to get the gist of the questions and answers.

Here is a quick translation of some of his answers:

“This Government will be a true example of democracy, in behaviour as well as in rules..”

“The day I leave La Moncloa (official dwelling of the President of Spain) I’d like to hear people say that I haven’t changed”

“To avoid the mistakes made in the last Socialist government, I insisted anyone occupying a government post show impeccable behaviour”

“It would have been pointless to remain in Iraq in a sort of “false wait”, creating uncertainty among our troops and our allies”

“War was declared on Iraq to look for Sadam’s weapons of mass destruction…. Now the La Guerra de Irak era para buscar las armas de destrucción masiva de Sadam… Now the pretext they are using is terrorism….

. We were told last year that military intervention in Iraq was a step towards solving the situation in Israel and Palestine, this has not been the case”

“Fidel Castro’s regime must embrace democracy. All my messages to Cuba and Fidel Castro will be to this end”

“Our country’s biggest shame is the number of cases of abuse against women. For this reason, the first law passed by this government will be one containing strict measures to address this problem”