Domestic use of new technology in Spain

Spanish households are amongst the most reluctant in Europe to incorporate new technologies into their daily lives according to the latest report published by, a state-owned company whose role is to encourage and monitor the use of technology in Spain. According to the results of this report, 45 percent of Spanish homes are resistant to introducing the latest technology into their domestic life.

The report studies the use in Spanish homes of the four main communication technology services: Internet, mobile phones, landline phones and digital or satellite television.

According to the results, 23 percent of Spanish households are on the fringe of the digital age and have “emotional barrier” to new technologies. They only have on average 1.3 services in their homes and they reject services such as Internet because they believe that the advantages do not outweigh the difficulties and risks involved in installing systems and learning how to use them. These families tend to live in small towns or villages at the lower end of the socioeconomic scale and most of them do not have children living with them.

A further 22 percent of Spanish families have telephone services but tend to reject paying for Internet access, or pay for the most basic conexion via modem.

Just over 16 percent of Spanish households have a positive view of information technology, but tend to relate the benefits of Internet to work rather than to domestic life. These families tend to come from the upper-middle classes and have children. The majority of them (70 percent) have a PC computer at home with broad band Internet.

According to the report, only 5 percent of the population shows real enthusiasm towards integrating communication technologies into their home, with an average of 3.7 of the 4 services studied. Almost all of these families (98 percent) have a computer at home and over half have cable television.

Many of these homes also use other hi-tech devices such as DVD players, scanners, webcams, digital camaras etc.

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