Special measures for holiday traffic in Spain

The department of traffic has forecast that up to 4.3 million people will travel by car this weekend on their return from holiday and weekend trips which is why it has plans to mobilize all of its agents during this busy period – around 10,000 in total.

During this weekend which is popularly known in Spain as ‘Operación Retorno’ extra speed controls will be in place on 2000 stretches of road throughout the country. The special controls will be in place from 3pm today until midnight on Sunday.

According to the department of traffic the average speed at which motorists travel during the summer period increases by around 3 kilometres an hour. However it claims that reducing speed by 5% would lead to a 20% reduction in the number of mortal accidents. It also warns that a car travelling at 120 kilometres an hour needs the space of a football stadium in order to stop safely.

Despite 26 deaths as a result of road accidents during the first weekend in August the figures for the whole month show signs of improvement.

So far this month 140 people have died in road accidents compared to a total of 171 during the same period last year.