Corruption in Spanish Football

Bribery to get into Spanish premiership uncovered

Enrique Ortiz, the biggest share holder in Hércules football club, is believed to have used Jorge López, nicknamed Tote, the captain of his team in order to try and bribe teams such as Salamanca, Córdoba, Gerona and Recretivo to lose against Hércules.

According to conversations recorded in the ‘Brugal’ case Tote also offered bribes to obtain the victory of teams who were due to play against the rivals of Hércules in order to ensure his team’s promotion into the Spanish premiership. According to the conversations recorded it is also alleged that Tote used his team mate Abraham Paz, in order to finalize some of the negotiations.

The judge in charge of the case,José Luis de la Fuente, in Alicante has said that the information in his hands is very serious. However, he has decided not to hand over the conversations to the Spanish Football Federation and the Sports Advisory Body because he says it would lead to meddling.

Initially the telephone conversations had been listened to over corruption linked to refuse collection in Alicante.

However, De la Fuente also said that buying the results of football matches is not yet regarded as a crime although it will be from 22nd December onwards following reform to the law. As a result of the judge’s declarations Hercules says that it has not done anything illegal.