Corruption case in Granada

Town Councillor accused of corruption freed on bail

Manuel Fernández, a PP town councillor for Alhendín in Granada in charge of town planning, was freed on bail following 8 hours interrogation. He is accused of bribery, neglect of duty, extortion and price fixing.

Amongst other charges he is accused of irregularities in the planning and construction of an industrial estate (Marchalhendín) and a residential estate (Novosur) according to his lawyer who spoke to journalists following the councillor’s court appearance.

He has been given 8 days to pay his bail set at 18,000 euros. He pleaded innocent on all charges and defended the legality of his actions. Details of the interrogation have yet to be made public.

The case came to light when PSOE councillors reported several irregularities in his department. PSOE have accused the town hall of ‘losing’ 16 million euros by selling off land for the industrial estate which was valued at 24.25 million euros for just 9 million euros.

In addition Manuel Fernández is accused of removing public rights of way valued at 750,000 euros on roads that pass through the estate and handing them over free of charge to the developer.

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