Concerns of Spaniards for 2011

According to the results of a survey carried out by the Centre for Sociological Research (CIS) work and the state of the economy are the two issues which Spaniards are most worried about. The survey carried out in December 2010 asked 2500 people their opinions on several subjects. Out of those questioned 42.5% said they were worried about their work situation and 19.2% said they were worried about the economy in 2011.

In fact out of those questioned unemployment was the biggest worry (78.6%). On the other hand, money, their personal lives and health were lower down on their list of concerns.

The results of the survey reflect certain pessimism in the Spanish population. Six out of every ten people questioned said that they believed that levels of unemployment, personal safety, environmental issues, housing problems, immigration and pensions would all get worse in 2011.

Four out of every ten Spaniards (44.2%) thought that 2011 would be a year ‘full of uncertainties’ while only 12.

8% believed that the new year was ‘full of opportunities’.

The only two issues which most people thought would improve or stay the same in 2011 were the fight against terrorism and education.

Nevertheless, when asked how 2011 would be for each individual most people questioned said that they thought that things would remain the same in all aspects of their lives including their work situation, the economy, family life, their personal lives and education.

More specifically while unemployment was cited as the main worry for most Spaniards only 15.1% of those questioned believed that they were likely to lose their jobs over the next 12 months while 77% believed that it was very unlikely that they would become unemployed in 2011.

The survey showed that most people believe that the fight against rising unemployment and improving the economy are the two most important objectives for Spain over the next few years.

Despite the problems and pessimism discovered by the survey 74.6% of those questioned said that they were very satisfied with their lives compared to 13.3% who admitted to being very unsatisfied while 11.7% declared that they were neither satisfied or unsatisfied with their lives.

Furthermore 54.9% said that things had gone well or very well in 2010 compared to 21.5% who said that things had gone badly while 22.9% said that things had gone neither badly or well in 2010.

Out of those questioned 40.5% hoped that things would improve in 2011 compared to 16%who believed that things would get worse while 33.8% believed that things would remain the same.