Cold meats with Omega-3 pioneered by Spanish company

FrialVidaThe company’s main driving force is its chairwoman, Paloma Frial.

One of Spain’s most dynamic business women, Frial started working at the company when its founder (her father), Ramon Frial died. She took over the control of the company when she was eighteen, determined to instill in the company the values which her father had always defended – “responsability, quality and teamwork”, and to concentrate her efforts on ensuring that her father’s name would become a reference for quality and research in the food industry.

In 2003 Frial and a team of scientists from the Food Sciences Research Group at the Autonomous University started investigating means of incorporating components known to be beneficial to health into some of the cold meats produced by Frial. The result was Vidalim, a formula combining Omega-3 and natural antioxidants which is included in the production process so that the resulting FrialVida (which means FrialLife) products have the added value of containing substances which are known to fight radicals and help to prevent certain diseases.