Clouds of smoke over Madrid

The authorities in Madrid received over 30 calls yesterday regarding alarming clouds of smoke seen in the sky above the region. The fire brigade was alerted but no fires were discovered. Helicopters were also used to look for fires. The National Meteorological Institute said that the clouds could have come from the forest fires in Galicia.

Most calls were made at around 2 pm from the northern part of the region from places such as Soto del Real, Miraflores and Guadalix de la Sierra where the smoke was most visible. Later on in the day emergency calls were received from the capital. The smell of burning hung in the air for over an hour in parts of Madrid and there was a fog over most of the region. The Environmental agency tested the quality of the air in Madrid and said that it posed no risk to health.

Meanwhile there are over 70 forest fires out of control in Galicia and the number of suspected arsonists arrested has gone up to 25. The fires claimed their fourth victim yesterday a 70 year old man who died in hospital from burns suffered in one of the fires in Pontevedra.