Cibeles Madrid Fashion Week

Cibeles fashion week, now known as Cibeles Madrid Fashion Week (CMFW), is the most important event for Spanish fashion. It takes place twice a year in the Ifema exhibition centre in Madrid in pavilion number 14.1.

This year’s first CMFW opens today and will end on 23rd February. It will be 6 days full of catwalk shows and awards – for the best designer, the best collection and the best model – as well as various other activities in the Cibelespacio, a stage where the latest fashion trends and developments in cosmetics are displayed and the public can purchase goods directly.

In this 53rd edition of CMFW 45 designers will show their designs for Autumn 2011/2012 amongst which are many well known names such as Jesús del Pozo, Roberto Verino, Angel Schlesser, Andrés Sardá and Agatha Ruiz de la Prada. This year CMFW will open with shows by established designers and close with CoolPeople – a show put together by young designers chosen via the internet who will display their own, original designs.

There will be 16 models in each catwalk show although designers can use more models if they pay the extra costs. Each show will last approximately 25 minutes if it is an individual show and 15 minutes if it is a double show. There will be 6 shows per day 3 of which will take place in the Cibeles room and the other 3 in the Lancia room.

To sum up The CMFW will undoubtedly be 6 days full of the latest fashion.