A church with karaoke in Spain

According to an article in El País this morning, Sant Joan Bosco church in Barcelona has undergone some modernization recently. A power point display and karaoke has replaced traditional hymn books in this church and worshippers now sing hymns by looking at a giant screen placed above the altar.

San Joan Bosco’s Priest, Miquel Ángel Calabria, explained that the introduction of new technologies is aimed at increasing the participation of the congregation in the act of worship. He said that now it was a pleasure to see worshippers singing along to the hymns.

He also said that the success of this strategy has been overwhelming and overall the congregation is delighted, especially those who had difficulty reading the hymn books which had very small print.

According to Priest Calabría, when worshippers see the giant screen for the first time they are a little taken aback but soon adapt and enjoy themselves like everybody else in the congregation. He also justified the change saying that new technologies were part of today’s society.

He also added that it was a pleasure for him to see people participating actively rather than sitting and listening to a choir sing. Apparantly Sant Joan Bosco church has always encouraged active participation in the events organized for its worshippers. The church also supports modernization, something reflected in the building itself, considered to be the most modern church in Barcelona.

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