Changes to Traffic Laws

The laws governing traffic have undergone further changes. The introduction of a points system for driving licences came into effect last July and now further changes to penalties for various infractions come into effect as from today.

Not wearing a helmet whilst driving or as a passenger on a motorbike or moped will now be classed as a serious offence whereas it used to be classed as a minor offence. This is also the same for people driving quad bikes which have become very popular in recent years.

Not wearing a safety belt will also be classed as a serious offence. Children will also have to use special car seats according to their size (children under a certain height will either need to use a special car seat or a booster seat). Children are only allowed to use normal safety belts when they reach 135 cms in height.

Pregnant, women will also have to wear a safety belt (under the previous laws governing car security they were exempt). However taxi drivers continue to be exempt from the rules on wearing safety belts while at work.

Baby car seats will no longer be allowed to be placed in the front seat if the car is fitted with airbags unless the airbags have been deactivated.

This year over the summer period there have been 10 deaths less than recorded over the same time last year.