Catalonia plans international football match with the USA

Catalan Regional Government in favour of football match between Catalonia and the US

The Catalan regional government has encouraged the Catalan football team to play a friendly match against the US on 14th October despite the fact that the regional team has not received official approval from the Spanish Football Federation. If the match is held, it will be the first time an autonomous region fields its own team against another country in an international friendly.

Anna Pruna, the Catalan Secretary for Sport has defended the decision saying that her department had the right to take such decisions and confirmed that Jordi Roche, the President of the Catalan Football Federation had travelled to Chicago to meet with US football officials.

According to Anna Pruna, conversations with members of the US football Federation have already taken place and there don’t appear to be any reasons against playing a friendly match. She also said that the Catalan Football Federation had the backing of the Catalan Regional Government.

Furthermore, she added that television rights had already been sold and the dates for the match had been approved by FIFA.

Esquerra Republicana de Catalunya said that if the match goes ahead without authorisation it would become more significant. Joan Laport, the President of Barcelona football club has also become involved in this issue which has become embroiled in Catalan politics.