Bus burnt in San Sebastian City Centre

Yesterday afternoon a group of around 20 youths wearing balaclavas burnt a bus in the centre of San Sebastian. The events occurred at around 3.45 pm in the Boulevard near the Old Part where many people were out celebrating the annual regattas.

According to eye witnesses the youths emerged from the Old Part wearing balaclavas and carrying molotov cocktails. They made the passengers and driver of a bus, chosen at random, leave before setting it alight. The inside of the bus, which had only been in service for 2 years and is valued at 150,000 euros, was completely destroyed.

The youths then ran back to the old part where they disappeared among the crowds, some onlookers even applauded. A nearby cashpoint was also burnt. Everything happened within the space of just a few minutes. No arrests were made.

Shortly afterwards the police and fire brigade arrived and the area had to be cordoned off for about an hour while investigations were made.

The PSE-EE headquarters in San Sebastian was also attacked yesterday and some rubbish containers were moved to form a barricade near the Anoeta football stadium before the first home match of the season.

One youth was detained.

These events have occurred at a delicate point in the peace process and negotiations following ETA’s declaration of a ceasefire. It is the second bus to be burnt on the streets of San Sebastian within the space of just a few weeks. The mayor of San Sebastian expressed his deep regret over the events saying it was ‘a great shame for the city’.