Benidorm invites William and Kate for honeymoon

The mayor of Benidorm, Agustín Navarro, announced yesterday that he has sent an official letter to Buckingham Palace inviting Prince William and his future wife, Kate Middleton, to spend their honeymoon in Benidorm. The formal invitation comes after it became known last week that Benidorm figures on the list of possible destinations proposed by Buckingham Palace for the royal honeymoon following their wedding on 29th April. The other possible destinations on the list are Kenya, Egypt, Greece or Chile.

Although it appears to be a long shot the mayor of Benidorm is determined to put forward the case for a royal honeymoon in his municipality. In the letter he reminds the royal family that a million British tourists visit Benidorm every year in order to enjoy the beaches along the Costa Blanca. In addition he says that Benidorm guarantees security, tranquillity, good weather and quality. He concludes by saying that it would be a great honour for his city to host the royal honeymoon.

If Buckingham Palace were to agree to Benidorm as the destination for the royal honeymoon this would give the municipality unprecedented recognition because it has never hosted such a high level British representative before. It would also give recognition to the 5,000 British residents officially registered in Benidorm and the 130,000 British residents registered in the province of Alicante. Most importantly it would boost Benidorm’s reputation as a tourist destination and give it an enourmous amount of press coverage on an international scale.