Basque party Bildu can participate in elections

Last night the Constitutional Court decided that the Basque political party Bildu, a coalition between various nationalist Basque parties, should be allowed to participate fully in this month’s local elections.

Following a tense three hour debate in which those in favour and those against allowing Bildu to take part in the forthcoming local elections were in equal numbers the fate of the Basque party was finally decided at 23.40 hours last night just before the deadline at midnight. The final ruling said that there was not sufficient evidence to prove that Bildu is the heir to ETA/Batasuna and therefore according to article 23 of the Spanish constitution Bildu has the right to participate in the local elections. The decision was based on a unanimous decision which said that a ‘fraudulent strategy’ directed at continuing illegal groups was not found to be credible. Following the decision of the Constitutional court all 254 candidates on Bildu’s electoral list will be allowed to stand for election on 22nd May.