Barcelona ‘indignados’ protest outside Catalan Parliament

This morning members of the regional Catalan parliament entered the Catalan parliament building amid jeering and abuse from protesters who had gathered at the main entrances to the Parc de la Ciutadella which leads to the parliament. The police were forced to set up a cordon around the Catalan parliament in an attempt to allow access for members of the regional government to enter. However Joan Boada, an Eco-socialist and former head of the Catalan department for the Interior was sprayed with red paint whilst attempting to enter the building. Other members of his party also received verbal abuse and a banana skin was thrown at Joan Herrera. Amongst other members of the Catalan parliament who used the entrance where Pujadas street joins Wellington street were Jordi Turull, Josep Maria Vila d”Abadal (CiU), Celestino Corbacho, Joan Ferran, (PSC) and Enric Millo (PP). Clashes between protesters and the police occurred earlier this morning when dozens of protesters gathered in front of the police cordon.

The Catalan police, who were reinforced by police in riot gear, fired plastic bullets several times in order to disperse a group of protesters who had set up barricades using rubbish containers. A police helicopter was also used to patrol the area. The protesters showed their resistance by singing ‘they shall not pass’ and by shouting abuse at the police who they accused of not showing their identity numbers clearly on their uniforms.