Barcelona beat Real Madrid by 5-0

Last night Barcelona beat Real Madrid hands down in their Camp Nou Stadium in one of Spain’s most important football matches of the year. Those who had predicted Barcelona’s victory were proved right during a night of football in which Barcelona outplayed their biggest rivals Real Madrid.

Five goals by Xavi, Pedrito, Villa (2) and Jeffrén sealed Barcelona’s victory against Real Madrid with Guardiola’s team demonstrating how football should be played.

From the beginning Real Madrid under Mourinho could not keep hold of the ball and were therefore denied the opportunity to show what they are capable of. As a result they were forced to play a match which consisted of them trying to win back the ball from Barcelona.

Once again Busquets, Xabi and Iniestra demonstrated that they are amongst the best midfielders in the world. They were able to open up the game for Barcelona at every given opportunity. With the help of Messi Barcelona appeared unbeatable.

In a press conference following Barcelona’s decisive victory over Real Madrid Mourinho said that despite being one of the worst defeats of his career his team’s victory was quite easy to stomach because it had been unlucky while Guardiola said it was a ‘sweet victory’.