Average salary in Spain

63% of Spanish workers earn less than 1,100 euros a month

According to a study by the Treasury a total of 18.3 million Spaniards earn a gross monthly salary of less than 1,100 euros a month – 63% of the workforce. This is 5% more than the figures from the last study carried out in 2006.

The report was compiled using information provided by workers and pensioners. According to the information given 16.7 million workers receive a gross annual salary of 13,400 euros, while the national average gross annual salary is 18,087 euros.

The study also reveals that currently in Spain around 1.6 million businessmen and women and professionals earn a gross monthly salary of less than 1,100 euros a month – a figure which represents three quarters of the total number of self employed workers in Spain.

Region by region the highest number of low earners (those earning 1,100 euros a month or less) are concentrated in Extremadura, with almost three quarters of its workforce (74%) earning around 1000 euros in their monthly gross salary followed closely by the Canary Islands (69.

1%), Galicia (69%), Andalucía (69.9%), Murcia (68.7%) and Castilla- La Mancha (67.4%).

The Comunidad de Madrid has 50.7% of the total number of low earners in Spain (50.7%) followed by the Principado de Asturias (54.8%), Catalonia (55.2%), Aragón (56%), Cantabria (58.4%) and La Rioja (59.3%).

The four most highly populated regions of Spain have 60% of the total number of low earners. Andalucia has 3.4 million followed by Catalonia 2.7 million, Madrid 2.05 million and the Comunidad Valenciana (1.9 million).

In terms of annual salaries workers in Madrid earn the most with an average gross annual salary of 22,870 euros a month followed by Catalonia (20,097 euros), Aragon (18,985 euros), Asturias (18,715 euros) Cantabria (18,530 euros).

On the other hand the lowest gross annual salaries correspond to Extremadura (14,120), Andalucía (15,010 euros), Murcia (15,447 euros) and the Canary Islands (15,545 euros).

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