Ash cloud in Spain

Ash cloud predicted to move across Spain today

The ash cloud from the Icelandic volcano which forced Aena (Aeropuertos Españoles y Navegación Aérea) to close six airports in the north of Spain yesterday is expected to move across the rest of Spain today.

According to a map produced by British experts large parts of Spain will be affected by the ash cloud today. The map effectively splits Spain in two with northern areas becoming free of the ash cloud. Restrictions on the airports of Bilbao, Asturias, León, Santander, Valladolid and Burgos have already been lifted. However, Barajas airport in Madrid could be forced to stop operating.

The ash from the Eyjafjalla volcano is also expected to move towards Eastern Europe today affecting Croatia, Germany, Austria and Switzerland. The ash cloud is also causing problems in Portugal, England, France and Italy.

The latest information given to AENA by Eurocontrol (the body which coordinates all European air traffic) gave permission for restrictions on the six airports in the north of Spain forced to close yesterday to be lifted from 2am today.

According to information provided by Aena the ash cloud from the Eyjafjalla volcano in Iceland forced 632 operations out of 5,222 to be cancelled yesterday – 327 of which were international flights.