Arsonists arrested over forest fires in Spain

Police have discovered that the majority of the forest fires in Galicia were started deliberately. At present there are over 100 forest fires in Galicia’s four provinces, 65 of which are burning out of control.

Three suspected arsonists have been arrested. One of the detained was arrested while starting a fire in an area under maximum alert. Police have thanked local residents for their vigilance.

Three people have already died in the fires, the latest victim, a 74 year old man who was trying to defend his property against the fires, at the weekend. The other two victims, both women, were trapped by flames when their car broke down – they died from smoke inhalation.

It is thought that the arsonists were attempting to cause as much damage as possible.

In Catalonia it has also been confirmed that the fire in Ventalla, Girona, was started deliberately. The fires in Capmany and Cistella are thought to have been started by discarded cigarette butts.