Arrests of Al Qaeda suspects in Spain

A dozen arrests in Barcelona and Valencia for falsification of documentation for Al Qaeda

In an anti-terrorist operation the Spanish National Police have arrested a dozen people in Barcelona and Valencia. Those arrested are suspected of being members of a network for the falsification of documentation for Al Qaeda. Of the five arrests made in Valencia four of the detainees are of Indian nationality and one is Pakistani.

The anti-terrorist operation began in the early hours of this morning. The police arrested seven people living in the same flat in Barcelona in the street la calle Peu de la Creu, in the old part of the city. Those arrested in Barcelona are all believed to be from North Africa. So far the police have not found any explosives or weapons but are continuing to search the flat in Barcelona.

The operation against Islamic terrorism was ordered by the high court judge Fernando Grande-Marlaskafor. The police hope to make further arrests in the next few hours.