Arrests in Spain linked to Al Qaeda

Spanish police have arrested 16 suspects in the latest anti-terrorist raids. Three of the detainees have been arrested in relation with the 11-M train bombs in Madrid, and with their relationship with the leader of Al Qaeda in Irak, Al Zarqaui.

Spanish police have revealed that one of the people who escaped from the Leganes suicide bomb could have taken part in suicide attacks in Iraq which has led detectives to suspect that some of the suspects belongint to Ansar el Islam group, led by Abu Musab al Zarqaui, could have also participated in the March attacks in Madrid.

According to reports today, three out of the five suspects arrested by Spanish police could be members of a network whose aim is to capture and sign up muyaidines whose final mission is to act in Iraq.

According to police hypotheses, the three detainees helped two of the terrorists involved in the Madrid bombings to escape from the Leganes flat to Barcelona.

According to Spanish police, one of these Iraqies could have been involved in a suicide bombing in Iraq last month.

The sixteen detainees are mainly accused of collecting funds and followers in order to carry out acts related to the international Yihad. Today the Spanish Interior Minister has said that this operation is the most important as yet carried out in Spain against international terrorism related to Al-Qaeda.