Airbus suspends production in Spanish factories

The economic slowdown has badly affected the car industry in Spain and now it appears to be having a negative effect on the aeronautical industry too. Airbus, one of the leading companies in this sector is facing problems of liquidity together with a drop in demand for its products. Now it has announced that it has decided to cease production of parts for the superrumbo A380, the biggest passenger aeroplane in the world.

Halting production is only intended as temporary measure. The decision was approved several weeks ago by the directors of the company and workers have been informed.

In Spain production will cease between the 1st and 23rd December and according to information provided by the company workers will be entitled to receive unemployment benefit together with added payments from their employers which means that they will receive around 98% of their salary.

Airbus has three production plants in Spain with around 3000 employees. There is one plant in Getafe (2000 employees) one in Gaditana de Puerto Real (500 employees) and another in Illescas, Toledo (500 employees).