1st September deadine for bars to comply with anti-tabacco legistlation

The Spanish Health Ministry has announced that bars and restaurants only have until the 1st September to comply with new anti-tabacco legistlation introduced earlier this year. A request from the Spanish Federation for Restaurants and Bars for this deadline to be extended a further 6 months has been rejected.

The anti-tabacco legistlation came into force on the 1st January this year. Bars smaller than 100 square metres were allowed to decide whether smoking would be permitted on their premises. However bars over 100 square metres were given a limited time in order to carry out building work which would create smoke free environments within the premises.

Although 9 out of 10 bars over 100 square metres have not yet even applied for a building licence the Spanish Health Ministry has maintained a firm stance saying that in reality the only thing they need to do is place a sign saying ‘Smoking not permitted’ on their doors.

The anti-tabacco legistlation also placed a complete ban on smoking in work places and in public buildings.