Spanish orchestras

I am unable to discover as much about the orchestras of Spain as I would like; there is an absence of information on the internet and where websites exist they tend to be out of date. Some Spanish orchestras such as the Galicia Symphony Orchestra are of only recent formation. Founded in 1992 and under its conductor Victor Pablo Perez, they have had two tours of Austria and Germany and an impressive number of distinguished soloists have performed with them. The City of Granada has an orchestra and Barcelona has two, as well as several chamber ensembles. The Barcelona Symphony Orchestra have recorded four discs of music by Leonardo Balada (b.1933)in the Naxos Spanish series. The Madrid Symphony Orchestra is presently celebrating its centenary and has a special distinction as the capital’s own orchestra. The Radio and TV Symphony Orchestra of Spain based in Madrid is very silent on the web about itself, but I imagine is well used by the media.

Increasingly Spanish orchestras record their work.

We have already mentioned that the Asturias Symphony is one such. Founded in 1937 and undergoing some struggle to survive over the years, the orchestra was enlarged in 1988 to a complement of 69 players, presently under its conductor, Maximiano Valdes. The Symphony Orchestra of Castile and Leon was established in 1991 with the declared purpose to promote music and stimulate interest throughout the region. The orchestra has played in other parts of Spain and contributes to the principle Spanish festivals as well as playing abroad. Both orchestras have recorded for Naxos.

The Philharmonic Orchestra of Gran Canaria was founded way back in 1845, but the latest stage in their history began in 1980 when they were established by the Gran Canaria Island Council. They have made many recordings under their English Conductor Adrian Leaper (conductor also of the Madrid Radio and TV Orchestra).

Appointed in 1994 and now relinquishing that post, he is, however, beginning a series of recordings for the ASV label works by contemporary Spanish composers Xavier Montsalvatge (b. 1912) and Ernesto Halffter(1905-1989), who was a disciple of de Falla and friend of Salvador Dali.

So, here is a bit of the orchestral scene that I must research with more success. Musical performance in Spain is rich and varied but in the international field, their orchestras have perhaps some way to go before they find their proper place, whcih I am sure they will.