Possible fusion between Clickair and Vueling

The Managing Director of Clickair, Alejandro Cruz, has not ruled out the possibility of a fusion with Vueling, an option which he says now depends on ‘time and shareholders’. He went on to say that both companies are Catalan airlines that use the Airbus A-320 and operate similar routes from Barcelona.

Cruz affirmed in an interview with the magazine Efe that ‘shareholders are speaking amongst themselves’ although he also said that no definite plans had been made yet.
Cruz stressed that in his opinion something has to happen in the Spain airline industry but he also said that a fusion between Clickair and Vueling, both low cost airlines, was complicated and involved competition, personalities, reputation and money.

With regards to the sale of Spanair, Cruz said that there were many possible combinations from the purchase of Spanair by Iberia following the sale of Clickair to the union of Vueling and Air Nostrum or the acquisition of Spanair by Air Nostrum.

He added that until concrete plans were made the company he directed could not give its opinion.

Cruz said ‘Nothing convinces me that the final solution lies in the purchase of Spanair by Iberia although nothing forbids Gonzalo Pascual from bidding for the airline. However, SAS has not said anything with regards to the offers it has received for Spanair’.

Cruz also stressed that ‘the Spanish air market would not be the same in six months from now’ He said that Clickair would be in a fantastic position to support these changes given that it was the most efficient operator in Spain with the least costs in terms of infrastructure and the most productivity in terms of planes and air crew as well as the best record of punctuality.

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