New airports in Spanish cities

El Mundo has published a report on Spain’s newest airports. According to the report many Spanish cities are looking for their own place in Spanish airspace given that almost all of flights in Spain are concentrated in Barcelona, Madrid and other main tourist destinations such as the Mediterranean, the Canary islands, Mallorca…

With Barajas (Madrid airport) transporting over 45 million passenger and El Prat (Barcelona airport) 30 million Spain’s smaller airports in provincial cities throughout the country come far behind that figure. This has led to an initiative in which smaller Spanish cities are now looking at the possibilities of opening or expanding their own airports.

Ciudad Real, will be the first city to build its own airport under a privately financed scheme. According to Juan Antonio León Triviño, President of Ciudad Real’s Chamber of Commerce, a new airport for the city will have a knock on affect for the whole city. He believes that it will lead to more employment, a larger population and new housing for the city.

Don Quijote Airport airport will come into operation this year with the objective of transporting up to 10 million passengers in the future. It is hoped that it will make the city one of Spain’s most important communication points. Don Quijote airport will be located 200 metres from the main railway station (the AVE connecting Sevilla and Madrid stops there) as well as important motorways running close to the city.

Given that 8 out of 10 tourist fly to Spain it is hoped that opening or expanding existing airports in smaller cities over the next few years will help maintain the number of tourists visiting the country. The government is planning to invest 241,392 million euros in improving transport in Spain under the Strategic Transport Project 2005 –2020 of which 6.

5% will be invested in air travel.

Low cost air travel, which grew significantly in 2006, is also changing air travel in Spain. Although low cost airline companies tend to operate mainly from Spain’s most important airports and main tourist destinations it is hoped that Spain’s smaller airports could start to attract low cost airlines in the future.