Low cost flights in Spain

Spain is the Second European Country with the most Low Cost Flights

Low Cost airlines now make up 25% of the market in Spain compared to the average for the rest of Europe, which is 16%. According to the European Organization for Air Navigation Safety (Eurocontrol), Spain is the second country in Europe after the UK with the highest number of low cost airlines operating from its airports.

At a seminar in Barcelona yesterday the Managing Director of Eurocontrol, Víctor Aguado, said that the low cost sector grew by 36% in Spain between January and June 2007 and that corporate aviation grew by 15%. In corporate aviation Spain accounts for 5% of the European market whereas this figure rises to 10% for countries like the UK, Germany and France.

Aguado also said that in 2020 up to 70 airports in Europe will be saturated and encounter problems operating normally, although this forecast doesn’t take into account planned airport expansions. In this respect Madrid and Barcelona airports will be well placed to meet future demands.

Eurocontrol predicts that air traffic will increase by 9.3% in Spain this year and by 7% in 2008 this is above the European average which is 5% for this year, and that in the period 2007-2012 there will be an annual growth of 4.1%. The growth rate is expected to continue steadily in the long term until 2025.

According to this prediction 2 million flights will operate from Spain by 2011 and this figure is expected to rise to 3 million by 2025.

Víctor Aguado also said that Madrid and Barcelona are the best connected cities in Europe with 46,000 flights per year which is double the air traffic between the second most connected European cities Milan and Rome.

According to Aguado Spanish airports perform very well compared to the rest of Europe. When there are air traffic problems in Europe Madrid comes 7th and Barcelona 18th.

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