Free flights from Ryanair

In a typically provocative gesture, Ryanair has announced the release of one million free flights if Ireland beat England in the 6 Nations rugby match due to be played at Croke Park in Ireland on Saturday 24th February.

The offer – 1,000,000 FREE FLIGHTS WHEN ENGLAND CHOKE AT CROKE – was announced yesterday by Peter Sherrard of Europe’s most successful (and loudest!) lowcost airline. He said that the Ryanair wanted to give Irish fans the opportunity to celebrate by flying free of charge to England so that they could boast about the victory and to give English fans the chance to avoid the humiliation of television replays by flying free of charge out of the country.

Sherrard expressed the airline’s confidence that the Irish team would win their 4th consecutive victory against England this weekend. If they do then Ryanair will issue the million free tickets on the morning of Monday 25th February and they will be sold on a first come first served basis.

The tickets available will be one way and the offer excludes taxes and charges.

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