Flights between Barcelona and Valencia

The Spanish low-cost airline Vueling has announced a new route linking Barcelona and Valencia in an attempt to substitute the fast train Euromed as the main means of transport used by people travelling between these two major cities.

Vueling says its new Barcelona-Valencia flight is aimed at holiday and business travellers who need to be in their destination before 10 O’clock a.m. which is when the first Euromed train arrives.

Daily flights leave Barcelona at 7.00 a.m and arrive in Valencia at 8.00 and tickets cost about 50 euros. Return flights leave Valencia between 13.30 and 14.50, depending on what day it is. These are the only two flights programmed by Vueling at the moment, but the company will consider offering a wider range of flights if there is enough demand.

The first Vueling flight left Valencia for Barcelona yesterday at 13.30 under two arches of water created by the airport fire brigade. Passengers were given a glass of Valencian horchata which is typical Summer drink in Valencia.

Vueling now operates flights to 18 destinations, 11 within Spain and 7 international flights.

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